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The world of Crastric

Twoguysgame rpg world campaign is the world of crastric a steamnpunk

dealing a world war engulf Crastric when power  mad emperor send to armies

to destory other nations of the world to awaken the power of the black dragon

you enter a world of war , politic intrigue and romance between a dash young prince and teenage girl from Earth

the book feature :guide of the world crastric, steam powered vehicles , techomances spells ,all major npc  for anime d20/pathfinder rpg


Our first post for twoguysgame

We are small press role playing game for D&D 3.5 edition /

Pathfinder role playing  . Our first supplement will deal with

the skill,feat, and magic spell dealing how to control

a steam powered armor and to build one. We are going to

upload the supplement at RPGNOW by the first or second week

of January 2012