Ritual magic for pathfinder /3.5 ogl

Ritual Magic in pathfinder /ogl 3.5

Ritual magic is ceremony worship during a special date or time of season where more then one cleric / druid or witches Perform magic rite according said religions teaching .

To cast a ritual magic all character / npc must have same spell in the spell / prayer book
ritual differ from other spell its require concentration for the success of the spell

each character / npc with proper spell again +2 bonus in aiding other with casting spell

Anytime the ritual is interrupted the spell is automatic failure and must start again

The difficult class for the Ritual magic

0-1 level – DC 10
2-3 level – DC 15
4-5 level – DC 20
6-7 level – DC 25
8-9 level – DC 30

Time for the Ritual
more time the group spend on casting the spell the better its effect become
instant – 5 penalty
Move action – 2 penalty
standard action -0 bonus
Full round +2 bonus
few minutes +5 bonus
15-30 minutes + 7 bonus
1-2 hours + 10 bonus
The gamemaster will decide the greater effect on the spell do to time spend

they can not any a take 20 in the ritual only take 10

In ritual magic all the character / npc may need to chant , song or dance to cast the spell
the group may need to roll for Preform skill also


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