nature mind

prerequisite: wild empathy class feature , Perception and Knowledge nature
you are able to meditate in nature to see through of any animal near by you gain +2 insight bonus to use on next knowledge nature check to track


stage combat featĀ 
Bard , Skill focus (preform acting) and simple Weapon prof, weapon specialization
Bard used to staged combat with creatures which damage to creatures is 1/4 damage

enchanted Voice
you is what people from far nations come to you see song
preform (song) skill must be taking at first level
you gain a +4 bonus to preform (song) skill

upernatural beauty
you beauty can rival the gods them self , you are mistaking for nobles because of your beauty
requriment Chars +15 must be taken at first level
you gain +4 bonus to all charmisa base skill