Action Exploit take 2 campanion

Action Exploit take 2 companion
by Jason Waltman

part one character point buying system
part two Advance Magic and psychics power
part three card base abilities and skills checks
part four list of skills
part five Alien/monster gimmicks
part six angels and demons

Character point buying system

Ability cost is 10
Gimmick / flairs is 5
skills cost is 5

Per example buy one level in fitness for 10 point and one level in reasoning for 10 then buy one gimmick for 5 point and three level which is 5 point for each level of skill

The point buying caps
Dramatic is 50 points
Heroic is 75 points
Epic is 100 points

Advance Magic and psychics power

First thing in Action exploit magic are skill Advance Magic and psychics power. Advance power require the proper skill to correctly the power the player what to used in the game . This let emulate
any magic spell or psychics power from any other role playing game

the power can require the following skill to properly use the power channeling , faith, esp, and necromancy

Second thing action exploit have no level so any character can cast any magics spell
as long the player pass the proper magic base challenging

The easies way to creator a magic skill by sit down and discusses with the director

director will assign point when creating magic /psychics power
novice spell 25 points
Proficient spell 50- 75 points
Expert spell 76-150 points

1 step: created a name
2 step: What type of magic/ psychic power
3 step: what type of arcana skill it’s link to

4 step : level of knowledge is require for the magic /psychics
novice O point
Proficient 2 point
Expert 5 point
what effort level is need complete the task
trivial 0 point
routine 1 point
challenging 3 points
improbable 5 points
impossible 10 points

5 step: how many people are needed for the power
to work
One person   zero point
Two-four people 2 point
Five –ten people 4 point
11-15 person       6 point
16-20 person       8 point
21-up person     10 point

6 step: spell / power effort area
Touch       zero point
Few feet   2 point
One mile   4 point
Five mile   6 point
Small town 8 point
Small city and up 10 point

7 step: how long will the power last
Less then one-minute zero point
1-3 minute 2 points
4-10 minute                      4 point
11-30 minute                    6 point
31-59 minute                    8 point
Hour and up                     10 point

8 step: what type composite needed for the spell
to work (only magic spell only)
Very common                zero point
Common                              2 point
Uncommon                           4 point
Hard to find                           6 point
Rare                                        8 point
One of the kind                     10 point

9 step: what type damage /protection
No damage /protection          zero point
1-5 point of damage/protection       2point
6-10 point damage/protection          4point
11-15 point of damage /protection   6 point
16-20 point of damage /protection    8 point
21-25 point of damage/ protection    10 point

for 1920’s style supernatural magic is more base on real world magic spell and ritual more people you have better the task success
two – four people +1 bonus effect
five -seven people +2 bonus effect
eight- ten people +3 bonus effect
single person – 1 effect

Card base Abilities and skills check

The a version of Active Exploits use card to settler abilities and skills

The ability rating remain the same for fitness, awareness, Creativity , reasoning

Card used for abilities
zero card for -1 disabled
+0 average
1 Card for +1 talented
2 card for +2 very talented
3 card for +3 super human
4 card for +4 beyond human
5 card for +5 unimaginable ability

Card used for skill check
1 card for novice
2 card for proficient
3 card for expert

Max card each player is seven cards

Abilities and skills test
Abilities / or against the success chart

the success chart
One card 5 or better for routine
two cards 5 or better for challenging
Three card 7 or better for improbable
four card 9 or better for impossible

the director will assign an level a success need to pass each abilities /skill
Automatic success is 10 and face cards jack, king or queen
Automatic failure is ace or 2 cards

list of skills ,talent ,fields of expertise

Animal handling,Bricklaying,Carrying,Dogsledding,Freight carrier,Jogging,Lifting,Masonry,Mountaineering,Running
SCUBA diving [Modern],Sports,Badminton [Modern],Baseball [Modern],Basketball,Biathlon [Modern],Decathlon,Football, American [Modern],Golf [Modern],Gymnastics,Handball,Heptathlon,Hockey, field [Modern],Hockey, ice [Modern]
Ice skating, figure [Modern],Ice skating, racing [Modern],Lacrosse,Polo [Modern],Racquetball [Modern],Rollerblading [Modern],Rollerskating [Modern]
Rugby [Modern],Skiing,Soccer (football) [Modern],Squash [Modern],
Tennis,Ultimate Frisbee [Modern],Volleyball [Modern],Water polo,
Wilderness survival,Stonemasonry,Swimming,Tanning,Throwing
Breath Control,Combat endurance,Running endurance,Sport endurance
Bicycling [Modern],Blacksmithing,Bowmaking,Brassworker
Calligraphy,Candlemaking,Carpentry Cartwright
Charioteering,Climbing,Climbing claws,Clockmaking
Clothier,Cobbling,Combat driving [Modern],Contortion
Cooking,Coppersmithing,Dancing,Demolitions [Modern]
Disguise,Dodging,Driving [Modern],All-terrain vehicle [Modern]
Hovercraft, land [Future],Hovercraft, water [Modern],Motorcycle driving [Modern]
Passenger vehicle driving (cars) [Modern],Rail vehicle [Modern]
Semi truck driving [Modern],Small truck driving [Modern],Snowmobile [Modern]
Tracked vehicle [Modern],Embroidery,Engraving,Escape,Falconry
Fine hand motor control,Firebuilding,Firefighting,Fishing
Lockpicking,Marblework,Mechanics [Modern]
Medicine, Western,Mimicry,Mining,Mountaineering
Musical instrument,Other instrument,Percussion instrument
Drums,Other percussion,Piano, harpsichord, glass harmonica, etc.
Reed instrument,Bassoon, oboe, serpent, etc.,Clarinet, etc.
Other reed,String instrument,Guitar, mandolin, lute, harp, etc.,Other string
Viola, violin, violincello, etc.,Wind or horn instrument,Flute, piccolo, recorder, etc.
Other wind/horn,Trombone,Trumpet, tuba, saxophone, etc.
Nursing,Painting, realist,Parachuting [Modern],Paramedic [Modern]
Air-based (specify),Land-based (specify),Water-based (specify)
Rowing,Sailing,Double mast,Single mast,Triple mast
Shadowing,Silversmithing,Singing,Sleight of hand
Space suit [Future],Stealth,Stonemasonry
Weaving,Zero Gravity Maneuvering [Modern/Future],Combat initiative
Fast draw,Free fall/Break fall,Speed load
Sport initiative,Defense,Aikido [Modern]
Body shields,Bucklers,Self-defense techniques
Standard shields,Offense,Blowguns
Climbing claws,Clubs and maces,Crossbows
Darts,Energy blade [Future],Energy haft [Future]
Energy whip [Future],Full moons,Grenades
Gunsens,Hafted weapons,Kicking
Knives and daggers,Kusarigamas
Kyoketsu-shogis,Lariats,Machine guns
Martial Arts (fighting styles),Aikido [modern],Boxing, Bare-handed,Boxing, Gloved,Fencing,Jiu-jitsu,Karate,Kickboxing,Kung Fu,Ninjitsu,Pugilism
Savate,Tai chi,Wrestling,Nunchaku,One-handed swords
Pistols,Polearms,Punching,Ranged energy weapons [Future]
Ranged slug weapons [Future],Rifles,Shaper blade [Future]
Shaper haft [Future],Shaper pole [Future],Shaper whip [Future]
Shotguns,Shuriken,Slings,Spears,Submachine guns
Sword shields,Tiger claws,Tonfa,Two-handed swords
Whips and flails,Acting,Conversation,Debate,Etiquette
Interrogation,Intimidation,News anchor,Oration
Social engineering,Persuasion,Trading,Conversation
Diplomacy,Etiquette,Game show host,Hypnotism
Agronomy,Aircraft piloting [Modern],Aircraft, heavy (747, B-52, etc.) [Modern]
Aircraft, medium [Modern],Balloon [Modern],Dirigible [Modern],Aircraft, light (Cessna, Sopwith, etc.) [Modern],Glider [Modern],Helicopter, heavy (military, medical) [Modern]
Helicopter, light (civilian) [Modern],Ultralight [Modern]
Alchemy,Animal husbandry,Animal training,Anthropology
Culture studies (specify),Ethnography,Sociology,Appraisal
Archeology,Architecture,Art appreciation,Astrogation [Future]
Astrology,Astronomy,Biology,Animal Biology
Biochemistry [Modern],General Biology,Genetics [Modern]
Microbiology [Modern],Neuroscience [Modern],Physiology
Plant Biology (botany),Zoology,Chemistry,Cinematography [Modern]
Clerical work,Climatology,Computer Science,Artificial intelligence
Logic,Operating systems,Programming language theory,Criminology
Ecology,Economics,Engineering,Computer Engineering [Modern]
Electrical Engineering [Modern],Mechanical Engineering,Environmental Science
Etiquette,Gambling,Blackjack [Modern],Poker [Modern]
Gaming,Chess,Go,Roleplaying games [Modern]
Geography,Geology,General education,Healer
First Aid [Modern],Herbalism,Heraldry,History
Ancient history,Recent history,Specific regional history,Specific subject history
Home electronics,Horticulture,Innkeeping,Interior Design
Languages,Law,Civil law,Corporate law [Modern]
Criminal law,Tax law,Library science,Linguistics
Mathematics,Calculus [Modern],Cryptology,Discrete mathematics [Modern]
Game theory [Modern],Geometry,Logic,Multivariable Calculus [Modern]
Non-Euclidean geometry [Modern],Statistics [Modern],Trigonometry
Medicine, Western ,Allergy,Cardiovascular Medicine,Chiropractic
Dentistry,Endocrinology,Forensic Medicine,General Practice
Geriatric Medicine,Gynecology,Obstetric Medicine,Pediatric Medicine
Pharmacology,Podiatric Medicine,Surgical Medicine
Cardiovascular surgery,Neurosurgery,Trauma
Conducting,Ethnomusicology,Genre training,Music history
Music theory,Opera [Modern],Naturalist,Navigation
Nursing ,General Practice,Geriatric Nurse,Gynecology
Obstetric Nurse,Pediatric Nurse,Surgical Nurse
Trauma,Paramedic,Philosophy,Ethics,Environmental ethics
Medical ethics,Metaphysics,Philosophy of religion,Photography [Modern]
Physics [Modern] ,Astrophysics [Modern],Biophysics [Modern],Geophysics [Modern]
Modern physics [Modern],Newtonian physics [Modern],Nuclear physics [Modern],Quantum physics [Modern],Plumbing,Poisons,Police training,Politics (academic)
Prospecting,Psychology [Modern],Clinical psychology [Modern],Psychiatry [Modern]
Psychotherapy [Modern],Religion,Research techniques,Seamanship
Rowing,Sailing,Security systems [Modern],Seismology
Ship design/Shipbuilding,Spacecraft piloting [Modern/Future],Fighter [Future]
NASA vessel [Modern],Shuttle [Future],Spaceship, capital [Future]
Spaceship, small [Future],Tactics,Theology,Veterinarian
Astrology,Detective training,Lip reading
Psychology,Teaching,Writing arts,Fiction,Journalism
Poetry,Fast talk,Alchemy,Bookbinding
Computer hacking [Modern],Computer operation [Modern],Computer programming, by language [Modern],Computer security [Modern],Demolitions [Modern],Drafting
Electronics, simple [Modern],Mechanics [Modern],Nursing
Paramedic ,Photography [Modern],Reading and writing
Seamanship,Rowing,Sailing,Sewing,Small plane piloting [Modern]
Weaponsmithing,Feng Shui,Meditation,Torture,Painting,Sculpture
Art appreciation,Cinematography,Detect lies,Hearing,Photography

Alien/monster gimmicks

alternate form :able to change to another form natural to that alien/creature once per session

anti magic : any creature /alien have the nature ability to block most
effect of magic/psychic powers they automatic +3 awareness defense

blind sight/ blind sense : able to use other sense to see thought the blindness or have nature sense thought mind

breath weapon : any alien/creature is able to use any of flammable projectile into a weapon the damage is determent by the director

burrow speed : able to burrow into hard ground or rock at twice speed then normal rate

change shape : able to change into another form that is natural to the alien/creature

charm/compulsion : able to cause another to become under charm /compulsion on fail reasoning /awareness test

climb speed : able to climb faster then normal twice the rate

cold immunity : take no damage from cold

constrict :this gimmick allow alien/creature to squeezes or constrict causing Lethal damage vs any fitness test include death when constricting onto another airway

dark vision : this gimmick allow alien/creature to see in dark about 10 meter

energy drain: able to cause damage by draining the energy from another body / energy source

evasion : able to escape attacks

fast healing : able recover damage celebrated state x2 the rate of normal fast then humans

fear : generator emotion effect of fear onto other who fail awareness test

fire immunity : take no damage from fire

flight: able to fly

fright presence : able to creator sense of fright to other vs reasoning /awareness test

Gaseous form : to become a gas form

incorporeal become ghost like and pass thought objects

invisibility able to turn in ghost like with this gimmicks only once per session

low light vision able to see in lower source of light

paralysis: natural ability to cause another person unable to move or act for one or rounds once per session on successful attack vs fitness test

poison: you have the natural ability produces poison with alien/creature biology thought bite and claw strike

rays : natural produces energy type blast through body

regeneration: able to regrow body limbs once a session

resistance to energy : alien/creature have natural resistance to all form of energy they again +3 defense vs energy attack

scent : alien/creature have ability to swell with high degree then other race and give + 1 free effect to tracking

sonic attack: alien/creature to any sonic ability into attack the damage is determent by the director

spell immunity : take no damage from spells

spell resistance : alien/creature have natural resistance to spell
+1 defense vs spell attack

swim speed: able to swim faster then twice the normal rate

telepathic:able to reading other thoughts /able to speak with other only your mental thought of your only species

trample :able to use your larger size to cause damage through trample the ground
tremeonsesnse :able to sense earthquake

vulnerability to energy :you have -2 defense vs energy attacks

demons and angels

Demons are a common villain. They are used to hinder the action of the hero from completing her holy quest for God.
The first demon was Lucifer, who rebelled against God.  He led a rebellion which had angels on both sides, and, in the Garden of Eden, took the form of the talking snake that seduced Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge.  Lucifer goes by many names including the Devil and Satan.
Demon (Basic Exploits – grunts)
Fitness +1,Awareness +1,Creativity -1,Reasoning +1
 Luck 4,Discipline 2,ESP 4
Servitude,Vulnerability (holy place and item),Manifest
Principles,Objective (steal soul of innocent people away from God)
Immortality,Invulnerability (only to mortal weapons),Regeneration
Manifestation,Possession (Novice)
Demon (advanced exploits)
Fitness +1,Awareness +1,Creativity -1,Reasoning +1
 Luck 4,Discipline 2,ESP 4
Servitude,Vulnerability (holy place and item),Manifest
Principles,Objective (stole soul of innocent people away from God)
Immortality,Invulnerability (only to mortal weapon),Regeneration
Manifestation,Possession (novice)
ESP (touch),Awareness (empathy),Creativity (manipulation)
Values (loyalty),Triggers (failure),Commitment,Immortality
Invulnerability (only to mortal weapon)Regeneration
Demon (lower status- heroic basic exploits)
Fitness +1,Awareness +2,Creativity -1,Reasoning+3
 Luck 4,Discipline 4,ESP 4,Endowment 2(grant minor favor)

Servitude,Vulnerability (holy place and item),Manifest
Principles,Objective (stole soul of innocent people away from God)
Authority,Enemies (other demons and angel),Immortality
Invulnerability (only to mortal weapon),Regeneration
Manifestation,Possession (proficient),Court Etiquette (novice),Legends (proficient-occult)
Theology (novice-Christianity/Jewish/Muslim)
Demon (Middle status heroic basic exploits)
Fitness +2,Awareness +3,Creativity 0,Reasoning+3
 Luck 4,Discipline 4,ESP 4,Endowment 4 (major favor)
Servitude,Vulnerability (holy place and item),Manifest,Principles
Objective (steal soul of innocent people away from God),Authority
Enemies (other demons and angels),
Manifestation,Possession (proficient),Court Etiquette (proficient)
Legends (proficient-occult),Theology (novice-Christianity/Jewish/Muslim)
Demon (High status-lord basic)
Fitness +2,Awareness +4,Creativity +2 `,Reasoning +3
 ESP +5,Luck 4,Discipline +5,Endowment +5
Authority,Prestige,Vulnerability (holy place and item)
Summoning,Manifestation 5,Transformation
Invulnerability (only to mortal weapons)
Manifestation,Possession (export),Court Etiquette (export)
Legends (proficient-occult),Theology (export-Christianity/Jewish/Muslim)
 (Advanced Exploits)
Values (loyalty),Commitment,Rivalry,Dissent
ESP (touch),Awareness (empathy),Creativity (manipulation)
God created the angels as his humble messengers and warriors before he created mankind in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer was one of God’s favored archangels before his rebellion.  Lucifer was called the light bringer. Lucifer convinced one third of all the angels in heaven to follow his path.  Now the archangel Michael is the chief of all the Angels in God’s army.
Angel (warrior status basic exploit)
Fitness +1,Awareness +1,Creativity -1,Reasoning+1
 Luck 2,Discipline 4,Endowment 2,Faith +3
Servitude (to God),Vulnerability (cursed place and item),Manifest,Immortality
Invulnerability (mortal weapon only),Regeneration,Principles,Duty
Bless (novice),Healing touch (proficient),Rapport (proficient)
Ward (export),Truth (export),melee (novice)
Guardian Angel
Fitness +2,Awareness +3,Creativity -0,Reasoning +3
 Luck 2,Discipline 4,Endowment 3,Faith +3
Servitude (to God),Vulnerability (cursed place and item),Manifest,Immortality,Invulnerability(mortal weapon only),Regeneration,Principles,Duty
Bless (proficient),Healing touch (proficient),Rapport (proficient),Ward (export),Truth (export)
melee (proficient)

Vampire Nation

vampire nation is made up of five vampire family
each vampire family have few rare vampire bloodline blood mana power only can be learn by another family member

Tepes family
they claim to be descendant of Vlad Tepes
they are the blue blood of the vampire nation
they manipulate politics , business , religion and governments
for profits and power
Primary blood mana power : Enhanced senses
at character creation they again extra one point in influence ability
most only feed on one type of victim (the characters choice of type at creation )

Gouler Family
they shun the city for more natural setting
they claim to have contact with werewolf
Nomad , scholars and biker outlaws
Primary blood mana power :Animalistic frenzy
at character creation they again extra one point in fitness
each time a reasoning test fail they again extra level of dementia ( after the five level of dementia the character enter frenzy period
of uncontrolled frenzy for a time equal to the level of reasoning ability and most make three successful reasoning test to snap out of it)

Crowley family
They claim to have be former mages during life they became vampire when a magic ritual failed
they are the blood magic used
they have knowledge of the necromancy and blood magic
Primary blood mana power : necromancy or blood magic
at character creation they gain extra one point in arcane abilities
they automatically bond to the one they embrace them. Must make 3 successful reasoning test to break the bond
At character creation The must make a successful awareness test or be addicted to the blood who embrace them

Tudor Family
they are the torment writer and actor in life
they manipulate the arts in Hollywood and new York city
Primary blood mana power :Unearthly reflexes
at character creation they again extra one point in creativity
most make a successful reasoning test or be intoxicated with any piece of art (painting, written word , sound, visual media only )

Novil Family
they are the undead monster of German folks lore
they lurk under the city that reject them feasting on the rats
Primary blood mana power : Invisibility
at character creation they again extra one point in reasoning
-1 free effect when interacting with human ( horrible appearance)

rules of the hidden

rule one :don’t reveal one true natural
rule two : no killing of human ,unless in self defense but they can feed without totally drain of victims
rule three : each vampire must respect each other personal area
rule four : each vampire must get safe haven to other who being hunted by human hunters
rule five : vampire can’t creator another without permission of vampire regent

forming a vampire family
by drinking 20 blood mana points and learning basic vampire family bloodline blood man power and swear a legion to the a legendary vampire lord over 500 – 1000 old the family must have over 50 members .
Forming a a cousin
member of the some vampire family who developed a new blood mana power or ritual that other family members learns
from .
When vampire lose control of themselves by gain too much dementia , the vampire become a savage monster of uncontrolled means the only way to regain control is to make three successful reasoning task . If they fail to the test they become a npc

deep sleep
When vampire loses too many blood mana point . The vampire regeneration the body by enter a period of deep sleep
to wake up from sleep need to make a successful fitness test if fail they remain in deep sleep and must make another fitness test to avoid death . How many health regain is up to director judgment

Bonding to another
When drink another vampire they need to make three reasoning test to void being to bonded another vampire , if vampire fail three reasoning test they became bond to the other vampire and unable to against them until the bond is broken

Blood mana

vampire start with blood mana equal to fitness level time 4

all blood mana test is arcane skill (vampire blood mana) vs
reasoning/awareness ability

Arcane skill : vampire blood mana power is supernatural blood bases power on psychic / magic or natural raw power of the undead

Superhuman strength :
one attack
vampire have extra strength +4 for testing fitness test for few minutes
learn cost : 10 blood to learn
to use cost: 2 point of blood mana

Shadow manipulation
one attack
vampire can turn a shadow in living weapon
damage up to 6 point
Learn cost : 20 blood to learn
to use cost:10 point blood mana

Cause madness
one attack
vampire can cause madness on a person
with successful awareness test
one point of dementia per person
Learn cost :15 blood
to use cost: 5 blood mana

Enhanced senses
one scenes
vampire have enhanced senses one of fives senses
up to 100 foot for vision or 75 foot hearing or see invisibility in other vampire
Learn cost : 10 blood
to use cost : 2 blood mana

Animalistic frenzy
one attack
vampire become more like an animal when attacking other
bonus to attack is plus 5 with fang and claw attack only
learn cost : 20 blood
to use cost : 10 blood mana
Gouler Family

Fast healing
few rounds
vampire send blood mana to heal 4 time faster then normal human
able to heal a level of wound in four rounds
learn cost : 15 blood
to use cost : 5 blood mana

Unearthly reflexes
one rounds /attack
vampire with unearthly reflexes gains +4 of defense
Learn cost: 10 blood
to use cost: 2 blood
Tudor Family learn Unearthly reflexes automatically

few rounds
vampire can turn invisibility for few minutes
bonus to defense plus 10
but as some they attack while being invisibility they lose the use of invisibility during the rest of the attack
but another vampire using Enhanced senses test successful can see them when they are invisibility
learn cost : 35 blood
to use cost : 20 blood mana
Novil Family learn invisibility automatically

Horrific transformation
few turn
vampire to transformation another form
the use to up the director if the vampire would turn himself to living weapon
learn cost :35 blood
to use cost : 20

vertical ascension
one turn
vampire to move quicker up walls and other surfaces
x4 time quicker
learn cost : 10 blood
to use cost : 5 blood

bat forms
few rounds
able to turn in to bat
learn cost: 35
to use cost : 20 blood mana

Mist form

few rounds
vampire able to turn to mist
all attack while in mist form fail
learn cost : 40
to use cost : 25 blood mana

blood mana power levels
basic blood mana power
ten blood mana to learn / 2 point to use
novice level blood mana power
15 blood mana to learn/ 5 point to use
proficient level blood mana power
20 blood mana to learn /10 point to use
expert level blood mana power
25 blood mana to learn/15 to use
rare bloodline blood mana power
10-75blood mana to learn / 2-50 to use
Elder level blood mana power
50-75 blood mana to learn/30-50 to use

part three

Guardian : the defender

A secret society of Christian Warrior infused with greater spiritual gift than normal Christian. Defending mankind from hidden demonic invasion before the time of the rapture . No more then 100,000 member worldwide . They divider in four main branch .

Solider : they are the front line warriors in hidden wars
Primary abilities : Fitness
secondary abilities : creativity , Awareness
Primary skills : any weapons skills
Secondary skills : any other

Scholar : they are faithful bookworm in the ancient book for secret rite or ritual to defect the demon .
Primary abilities : Reasoning
secondary abilities :Awareness
Primary skills : any reasoning base skills
Secondary skills : any other

Caretaker : they gather the resource for the guardian worldwide
Primary abilities : Reasoning
secondary abilities Creativity
Primary skills : any reasoning base skills
Secondary skills : any other

Seer : mystic understanding of the spiritual gifts
Primary abilities : faith
Secondary abilities : Fitness or awareness
Primary skills : arcane skills : faith
Secondary skills : any other

all archetype start with faith +1 expect of seer start with faith +2

New faith gimmicks

Angel sight
able to see and speak with angel or any other spirits without any test needed

Divine endurance
spiritual gift that reduce the amount of damage is taking in combat you give + 2 defense ( act like armor ) once per session

Divine knowledge
Spiritual gift that is able to help to other understand hidden ancient text or scrolls

Divine help
Spiritual gift help found hidden resource once per session ( Divine source just show up )


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