Advance live exploit for action exploit take 2

Advance Live Exploit

The director need rule that fit the genre of the live action game that they are planning .

task resolution
When a director assign a task level he/she need to use know what type of skill or Abilities is needed to complete a skill test . The director judge the action of the skill being used . Shouldn’t be a afraid to fail a player on skill test or other action . Remember your ruling is final . For Advance live action game , the director may want to use the outcome table on page 67 .
The director need to use finger to signal the amount of free effect for the task test .

Mob rules
Director may need to freeze all action when multi task test happens all at once. When multi player over four people started to bid on same skill task the director may ask to have spokesperson to speak on behalf of them , than assign task level base on the task needed to win a challenge . Each person can bid one free effect toward the task . What group of person can meet or beat the task test wons.This is called mob rules .

Combat resolution
Depending of the genre , saying the Director want to run realist military style live game .The director may use basic exploit or even advance combat rule for game . Health level to determine by the what type of game and genre if they are playing high horror they should thinking about using a dementia damage if you going to use unspeakable horror or Toxemia if you are using any poison in your game . Your player may going slowing insane during the game , they may a gain dementia by failing a task to face a unspeakable foe or horrible event that will damage the psyche. Director might assign a dementia to monster if player fail to face the monster they gain the level of dementia that director assign.

When Player call for combat action The director need to finish all non combat task first then going into combat resolution next . The director need freeze to all player in area where the combat is taking place. The player who started the combat test by describe what action they are doing . The director will check the stats of other players in the combat action . The last thing that director will do is assign damage level to other player affected by combat .

Here is idea for the director to hand out a combat card to all the player . A player who want to start a combat action by just handing the card to the director . The director can used any 3′ by 5′ card and Sharpie type marker in big bold letter “COMBAT” and The director may have another card marked with name of the weapon on it and the type of damage with it . The player will get the combat card after the combat action.

For live action game design
The director may want to use focus and scene framing for running live action scene or Scene based combat.
For quick npc they may use Quick and dirty extra for Director like thugs you don’t need to go give them every stat .

Rule to live be
Just remember this only advice and not set rules .The director have the freedom to run the live action event his/she way
here is only rule director and player must follow .
Obey a rules of society.
Director must keep the players safe at all time
No real weapons
No touching other player
Remember no mean no folks
Director must keep the game fun
A director should be with the player all time (for the game balance and safety of the player)


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