for quick character creation for D&D 3.5 and pathfinder rpg

The fallowing charts are mere guideline on making quick non player character or npc for short

this not hard and fast rule on character creation but a tool to help gamemaster quickly make a npc


Npc Skill quality

Just remember to add all proper modifier from ability score and feat that give bonus to your npc skills


Level skill rank

1-2 +4

3-4 +6

5-7 +8

8-10 +10

11-12 +12

13-14 +14

15-16 +16

17-18 +18

19-20 +20


ability stat quality

Low exceptional 1-4

Below Average 5-9

Average 10-13

above average 14-16

high exceptional 17-18


for Amine d20

Weapon Proficiency

When player select this feat they again one of weapon skill as class skill

The player may select this feat again to add another weapon to list of class skill


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