living flesh armor

Living flesh armor
strong enchantment
level 9
price 50,000

Living flesh armor is armor is from freshly dead body that skin is deskin and reanimate by magic
living flesh act as hardness leather
Armor is giving the wearer +2 armor class and dr/5 vs melee weapon .
Side effect the armor is memory of the living maybe want control the wearer movement
the wearer must make fort save DC 15 or the armor will take action on it’s own
craft wondrous item , animate object , telepath bond ,craft armor and weapon


lovers song feat

Lover’s song feat

Bard play a beauty tune to get the crowed in that loving feeling

prerequisite: Ch +16 , Diplomacy 10 preform (song) 10

When a bard song a love song all creature / npc must roll a will saving or be enthralled by the loving song
the effect last until the bard stop singing . The creature / npc will feel like falling in love with the bard
added effect crature/npc willn’t attack the bard as long they fail the will saving throw .
If the creature / npc fail then one will saving throwing they will express they undieing love for the bard may attack other to protect him
(bard cha mod + ½ bard level +10 )