Tentacle Demon for BESM D20

Tentacle Demon

Medium (-0)

Outside (2 cp) Extraplanar(0 cp) Evil (1cp)

hit point 9d8

b.a.b +9

save throw:ref +13,will+9,fort +8

points 85.5

Skill: bluff +20,diplomacy(etiquette)25,knowledge cultural art :12 seduction:27

Str 18, Dex 15 Con 15 , Int 14 , wis 12 , cha 25 (49.5)

Armour class :+2



heightens senses (type 2 Darkvision) 1cp

Special defence rank 4 (need never eat or sleep) (4cp)

unique defect (cannot be raised or reincarnated )

Armour proficiency (light) (2cp)

Unique attributes(Its natural weapon and any weapon it wield are are evil aligned(2cp)

unique defect(susceptible to any effects that specifically affect evil subtype creature(-1bp)

Armour ran k 8 (32cp ) stop 34 point of damage treat Dr/34

Natural weapon Rank 8 (8cp)

Four: tentacle , (see special attack )

Claws :1d10 +4 str bonus

Immunity rank 3 fire (3cp)

Special attack

Tentacle attack Rank 5(20 cp)

damage 3D8+1

attack abilities




short range (20 range)

tentacle attack is launched from the back of the demon under the skin

character must str roll to brake out the tentacle vs the demon attack bonus

Teleport rank 6 (9cp) unlimited ranged (greater teleport)


Iron will,point blank shot shot,concealment,lightning reflexes

,two weapon fighting


concealment(tentacle attack ) -1bp

owned(-1bp)must answer to arch demon

marked(-2bp) reddish skin and black aura around them

restricted (-3bp) must touch holy object or ground

Bane rank3 (-3bp) take 3d6 damage every round for holy object or ground

Unique defect (-3bp) must have sexual intercourse every seven day or lose the use

special attack and must return back to hade to recharge for period of seven days

tentacle demon are super powered succubus /incubus prey on the human chi through sexual intercourse

monster of invincible beauty

social creature by habit to seduction into bed and use at loyal servant to aid them to being back the four forceful devil lord back from the seven level of hade where they lock in mystic jar

solitary hunter

they lose horn , wings and tail

only the skin and aura give them away







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