Burlesque move.

You use Charisma and Dance Perform into an erotic one.

Prerequisites: Charisma 15+, Perform (Dance) +5, and skill focus (perform comedy or song).

The Performer gets +5 bonus when stripping off sexy clothing or lingerie in front a crowd of people.

Fan Dance Combat

You use Dance and skill with the fan in battle.

Prerequisites: Charisma 12+, base attack bonus +3 , Perform (Dance) +10, exotic melee weapon proficiency feat.

The performer using the fan dance during combat gets +2 bonus on damage rolls while wearing light armor or no armor.

Seven Veils Dance.

You use veil movement to gather information from your target while dancing.

Prerequisites: Charisma 12+, Intimidation +5, skill focus, Perform Dance.

You use your graceful moves to gather information from others.

+3 bonus to Perform Dance.

Stage Combat Feat.

Bard, Skill focus (perform acting), and Simple Weapon prof, weapon specialization.

A Bard used to staged combat with creatures can damage creatures at 1/4 damage.



Ritual Magic in Pathfinder/3.5.

Ritual magic is a ceremony worship during a special date or time of season with more then one clerics/druids or witches. Perform Magic Rite according to said religion’s teachings.

To cast a ritual magic spell all characters/npc’s must have the same spell in their spell/prayer book.

Rituals differ from other spells – they require concentration for the success of the spell.

Each character/npc with the proper spell has +2 bonus in aiding others with casting spells.

Anytime the ritual is interrupted, the spell is automatically a failure and must start over.

The difficulty class for Ritual magic.

0-1 level – DC 10
2-3 level – DC 15
4-5 level – DC 20
6-7 level – DC 25
8-9 level – DC 30

Time for the Ritual.

The more time the group spends on casting the spell the better its effects becomes.

Instant –5 penalty.

Move Action –2 penalty.

Standard action -0 bonus.

Full Round +2 bonus

Few minutes +5 bonus

15-30 minutes + 7 bonus

1-2 hours + 10 bonus

The gamemaster will decide the greater effects on the spell due to time spent.

They cannot take 20 in the ritual – only take 10.

In ritual magic all the characters/npc’s may need to chant, sing, or dance to cast the spell, the group may need to roll for Perform skill also.

aid another with spell casting

Aid another with spell casting

Spell casters can use the Aid another rule to assist other spell casters , increasing the caster level of their spells. To do this , the assisting spell casters must have at least 4 ranks in Spell craft and spend the same amount of time casting as the character he is assisting . He must expend one spell of 2nd level or higher , contributing the raw magical energy to the spell being cast by the assisted character . The expended spell must be of the same school as the spell to be assisted . A second level (or higher) transmutation spell must be sacked to increase the caster level of an ally’s transmutation spell , For example . Each spell caster providing assistance in this manner increases the caster level of the spell by 2

the rule is from the Glinda of Oz by bloodstone press