Burlesque move.

You use Charisma and Dance Perform into an erotic one.

Prerequisites: Charisma 15+, Perform (Dance) +5, and skill focus (perform comedy or song).

The Performer gets +5 bonus when stripping off sexy clothing or lingerie in front a crowd of people.

Fan Dance Combat

You use Dance and skill with the fan in battle.

Prerequisites: Charisma 12+, base attack bonus +3 , Perform (Dance) +10, exotic melee weapon proficiency feat.

The performer using the fan dance during combat gets +2 bonus on damage rolls while wearing light armor or no armor.

Seven Veils Dance.

You use veil movement to gather information from your target while dancing.

Prerequisites: Charisma 12+, Intimidation +5, skill focus, Perform Dance.

You use your graceful moves to gather information from others.

+3 bonus to Perform Dance.

Stage Combat Feat.

Bard, Skill focus (perform acting), and Simple Weapon prof, weapon specialization.

A Bard used to staged combat with creatures can damage creatures at 1/4 damage.


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