Optional rule for fate rpg

Vehicle Conditions


Vehicle Conditions act like it would for a character conditions but apply to only vehicle

first two conditions is just a scratch while is a fleeting and can be repair easily between scenes

next two conditions is call minor damage is sticking condition this last until the vehicle repair like broken headlight  , flat tire or small body damage .

next two conditions is called major damage is lasting effect condition

like broken engine , total front end  collision . burst radiator , damage drive train

all penalty is -1 or -2 on drive skill to reflect the severity of the vehicle  performance with great damage done to the vehicle that impact the mobility  .

last conditions is catastrophic failure is when vehicle unusable must be repair between session


Weapon and ammo clip


weapon with large ammo clip . Character will empty a ammo clip in one round

on automatic machine gun on full burst shot .

weapon damage is weapon damage x the amount of ammo in the clip


take cover

when character take cover the opposing force must overcome the object or destroy the object to do damage to the character they are trying to target

full cover must be destroyed or find a way get  the character out of hiding

¾ cover give the character plus +2  difficulty on the ladder when hiding

½ and ¼ cover give the character plus +1 difficulty on the ladder when hiding

the proper high power explosives will and can remove object and high level of damage and may take of out any character around the point of impact up to 20 feet or two zone  on the narrator ruling


more reality wound conditions


When a narrator want to stress more real life wound in fate

for more real health conditions

bruised :have no penalty  and can healed between scenes

Hurt :have no penalty and can be healed in few hours  need lore (medical or heal) of

+2 on the ladder

Injured :have -1 penalty  on skill and proper medical attention  need lore (medical or heal) of

+2 on the ladder

Wound :have -1 penalty on skill and may days in hospital  need lore (medical or heal) of

+3 on the ladder

Mauled: have -2 penalty on skill and many weeks in hospital  need lore (medical or heal) of

+3 on the ladder

Crippled: have -3 penalty on skill and many weeks or months in hospital need lore (medical or heal) of

+4 on the ladder

Incapacitated: need medical attention right away and character need lore (medical or heal) of

+5 on the ladder to stabilize the character

Fatally wounded: the character is one shot from be dead to stabilize you need to make  lore (medical or heal) of + 7 or higher  or the character dies on that scenes


hit points for fate rpg

if the narrator want to use hit point instead of using stress track consequence or conditions

hit point is base on physique skill level time 10 or set amount assign form the narrator

the penalty for hit points is

half of remaining hit points – 1 penalty

¼  hit point  left  -2 penalty

⅛ hit point left -3 penalty


How to run a larps


Here are a few  tips for players and directors to

run a better larps game :


  1. planning


Consider the number of players you want to use.  Do you want to play with just a few close friends for  more inmate feel or with larger number players for a more rousing and longer game ?


Do you have enough assistant directors to help you run the event?

One director for ever five players is a good ratio to go by.


  1. writing a larp


It’s interactive theater so keep the details simple.

Write up interesting background story for the player to wander into . For character background using one or two paragraphs.  Also to make it more believable try using one two over the top details ( like dark secret) .


3 resource ,or doing your homeworks


OK, I do like a good larps that takes place in a historical settings so if you are going to use a real place don’t forget to do your homework.  The more you know about the place the better the game will be.

There are many resources you can use, such as the local historical society or the library.  Keep the time period and costumes authenticate


4 props

props are your window dressing to tie your players to your event.

You can use a prop to be the center of your whole story or just to be items for the character to use to help add more flavor.

Yes  you will be building your own props so that means making many trips to hardware stores, costume shops or vintage-second-hand-stores.  Never use real weapons, use weapon prop cards instead.

Some props are used to represent monsters, which you will also be making.

It is best to appoint a prop master, a person you trust, with storing props and keeping them organized and  away from unauthorized people .


5 Describe rooms

You used Photos and diagrams where the rooms are

Basic description of each room on cards

using photo for the furniture in room to give player sense what the room was like in a time period


7 documents

Create a few documents for the player to find. That way these help keep the stories moving forwards. The documents can be vital to the storyline and add few details not found in the background story. Like a page out of old newspaper and business papers.


8 run time sheets

run time sheets is list of event that director and assistant director will make happen during a set time


9 event card

Event card are randomly set in one area to trigger a test or combat action that player need to resolved. The player will hand the event to the director and then trying to resolve the action on the card . The director will report the outcome of action back to the players.


10 security

As director the main job to make your larps event  safe for players and crew, Don’t let player pull stupid stunts that will harm themselves or other . Yes some player will try to take over your game . Just remember that you are the  director you need to ask nicely to them to stop or they be ejected from your event. the last thing you want  is the police i to remove them .


Rule to live be

Just remember this only advice and not set rules .The director have the freedom to run the live action event his/she way

here is only rule director and player must follow .

Obey  rules of society.

Director must keep the players safe at all time

No real weapons

No touching another player

Remember no mean no folks

Director must keep the game fun

A director should be  with the player all time (for the game balance and safety of the player)



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