Real Magick System

Real World Magick System

for Fate core roleplaying game


when most people think about magic in role playing game they think of wizard throwing fireball at troll and healing people with a glowing hands . Magick in the real world take time and meaning , it’s not instant . Real world magick system simulate magic from Wicca and hoodoo religions . Take time and affect to create a magic spell or ritual in the real world . Chanting or praying to god/goddess under the full moon light on October 31 or May 1 in coven on scarred grounds


The following is more magic point based adhoc magic system

that allow more flexible in creating spells and rituals

Under the fate system toolkit book spell can be created by spending mana point in creation of spells : i recommend 100 mana point


More people needed to cast the spell more powerful it will be

one person +5 point

two – three people +4 point

4-5 people +3 point

5-6 people +2 point

7 + people +1 point


distance and area : the area the spell will affect

self +1 point

touch +2 point

up to 5 feet +3 point

up to 1000 feet +4 point

few city block +5 point

whole city +6 point

a state +7 point

region +8 point

nation +9 point

world +10 point


Will the spell or ritual do damage or defense to other

+1 damage / – 1 defense +1 point

each extra points of damage / defense is one point which max out  at +10 damage /-10 defense


do the spellcaster have the proper material for the spell/ ritual

yes +0 point , no + 5points


do the spell require a special time of day or night to be casts

midnight + 0 point

early morning + 1 point

mid morning + 1 point

noon +0 point

early afternoon +1 point

late afternoon +1 point

early evening +1 point

late evening + 0 point


is the spell seasonal do the spell only can be casts in fall or summer

winter -1 point

spring +1 point

summer +1 point

fall – 1 point


Do the spell or ritual requirement the full moon

yes +1 point no 0 point


do the spell or ritual need a sacrifice of any kind to be casts right

yes +5 point no 0 point


Can the spell can be mental resisted

yes +5 point , no 0 points


Do the spell or ritual need be cast at high religious holiday

yes +5 point No 0 point


The difficult on the ladder

The point you can execute the spell base the level of difficulty on the ladder or vs your opponent will

+8 Legendary    +16 point

+7 Epic            +14 point

+6 Fantastic   + 12 point

+5 Superb      + 10 point

+4Great        +8 point

+3Good        +6 point

+2 Fair           +4 point

+1 Average  +1 point

+0 Mediocre  0point

-1Poor          – 1 point

-2Terrible       -2 point


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