Spell fumble for fate rpg

When character magic spell fail with style

The gamemaster roll 1d10 on the spell fumble table and table and tell the player the result of fumble

Spell Fumbles for fate rpg


D10              Fumbles result

1 :A surge of uncontrolled magical energy deals 1 points of damage to the caster.
2: The spell strikes the caster or an ally instead of the intended target.
3: The spell takes effect at a random location within the spell’s zone
4:The spell’s effect on the target is contrary to the spell’s normal effect.
5: The spellcaster suffers some minor but bizarre effect related to the spell in some way. Most such effects should last only as long as the original spell’s duration, or 2d10 minutes for instantaneous spells.
6: A random innocuous item or items suddenly appear in the spell’s area.
7:The spell’s effect is delayed. Sometime within the next 1d12 hours, the spell activates. The spell goes off in the general direction of the original target, up to the spell’s maximum zone if the target has moved away.
8: The caster can’t cast or concentrate on spells for one scene
9:The caster  take dazed  aspect for  one scene
10 The caster can’t use any magical aspect until the next day

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